Shore Neurocognitive Health

We understand that most diseases do not happen in isolation.  Shore Neurocognitive Health is dedicated to helping the individual with dementia, the caregiver impacted by the disease process, and the community that provides support and services. This is your journey.  Just think of us as your GPS, on-board with you all the way.

About us

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Beth Parker-O'Brien, LCSW-C, MPH

Beth Parker-O’Brien, MSW, MPH, has worked in the field of health and aging since 1980.  Her career path has had a focus on disease process and the impacts for both the individual and their loved ones. Her practice includes a focus on diagnosis and treatment of dementia with an emphasis in the behavioral aspects of disease process. Her work as a therapist often focuses on the caregiver, battling symptoms of depression and anxiety while caring for their family member.  Research has included clinical trials for Alzheimer's disease as well as the behaviors of dementia. Beth is committed to providing education about disease process, including behavioral management techniques, for community and professional caregivers.

In 2014, Beth decided to return to graduate school, completing a Masters of Public Health at The Milken Institute of Public Health at George Washington University (Washington, d.c.).  Beth focused on program development and public health research. Her culminating experience studied the impact of dementia education and behavioral management training for the professional caregiver.

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Maggie Black, Psy.D

Dr. Maggie Black is a licensed psychologist and specializes in older adults and their families. Her mission is to increase and enhance the quality of lives for older adults and the people caring for them, recognizing the need for both psychological and medicinal care.  

She focuses her practice on symptoms and un-predictive behaviors that occur as we age and as dementia progresses, and is creative in applying strategies that can increase the quality of relationships.  Dr. Black, along with Shore Neurocognitive Health clinicians, offers much needed evaluation and treatment of dementia and anxiety/depression disorders affecting the older adult. Dr. Black assists in providing comprehensive care to individuals, families and caregivers.



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Erin Young

Erin Young is Shore Neurocognitive Health's Administrative Assistant. Erin has been instrumental in helping SNHealth get off to a great start.  Erin has been working in the long term care industry for more than sixteen years, including eight years in offices specializing in memory and aging issues. 

Erin will be your first introduction to SNHealth. She will be your navigator for initiating paperwork, setting appointments and coordinating with your other physicians as needed. We are sure you will find Erin accessible and helpful, ensuring your experience at SNHealth is positive.


Yvonne Liswell, MS, FNP-BC

Easton – Yvonne Lisell, FNP-BC, has joined Shore Neurocognitive Health. Ms. Liswell is a board certified family nurse practitioner who has specialized in older adults and their families. She joins Maggie Black, Psy.D and Beth Parker-O’Brien, LCSW-C, MPH at Shore Neurocognitive Health, rounding out the practice with psychiatric treatment of the issues adults face as they age.

Ms. Liswell’s practice includes medication management of neurocognitive and psychogenic conditions. These include depression, anxiety, dementia, and post-traumatic stress. Shore Neurocognitive Health, in collaboration with local providers and organizations, assists in providing comprehensive care to individuals, families, and caregivers.